This is your first step to self LOVE and confidence. I will share with you tools and techniques allowing you to achieve a state of inner joy, peace and contentment that does not depend on outside conditions.  “What if you truly being you is the change and the gift the world requires?” Dr Dain Heer

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About Me

My name is Monika Foltman and I am a catalyst for change.  I am naturally intuitive person and for the last 17 years I have been working on expanding my consciousness and developing my psychic abilities so I can be a channel for information and healing energy.

I’ve spent all my life studying human behavior. As a child I would be that alien at the back of the class room observing Humans. I could always read people, tune into their energy, always spot a lie or dishonesty. I wasn’t a popular kid 🙂

When I grew up a little people started coming for advise, that was the weirdest thing! I became an 8 years old fortune teller, 11 years old healer. I remember my childhood dream was to become Jesus or Kaszpirowski  (the guy who did energy healing transmissions on Russian TV in 80s )When I was 14 I became obsessed with mysticism, philosophy, religions of the World and Ancient civilizations.

Life is a journey. I had a fair share of pain in my life and from this pain I grew and grew. “Always learn never complain” was my mantra. I always thought there wasn’t a problem in this world I wouldn’t find a solution to. I was never afraid of a difficulty, challenge or pain. I said to myself “It will make you or break you but if you survive it you can change The World.”

Today I am an unconventional therapist. I love new, alternative approach to healing. I like to be the one who’s fixing UNFIXABLE . Still LOVE a challenge. I offer deep transformation sessions using my own natural intuitive gifts plus different techniques from a few energy transformation systems I studied. I work in a holistic way, taking care of mental, emotional and spiritual level. I have a great success rate with long term issues like anxiety, depression, fear of change, stubborn patterns that keep playing out over and over.

On a deeper level I assist people to heal their soul wounds,  connect with their true soul vibration and connect to their soul gifts, break through the limitations and  gain self confidence to create life they truly enjoy living. I use a variety of tools and techniques I have learned over the years.

I remain undefined and opened for new possibilities and infinite transformation of myself and my business. I believe in Humans’ infinite ability to create their life and I love supporting my clients on their journey to self development and expansion. I feel that my life mission is to facilitate change and transformation for others while  fun and showing them that it can be fun.  I know a few secrets and tricks that can make your transition easier and faster than you can imagine so LETS PLAY!



  • Akashic Records Healer & Soul Level coach
    ( AR Advanced Level: Soul Portrait, AR Soul Mastery Level: Soul Clearing)
  •  Access Bars Practitioner (Access Consciousness)
  •  Access Body Process Practitioner
  •  Energy Coach (Access Foundation, Level 1)
  •  Miracle Matrix Practitioner
  •  Tameana Healing Practitioner and Teacher
  • Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential oils
  •  Aromatouch Technique Practitioner
  •  Skin Care specialist (Walmer College)
  • Spiritual Clearing Practitioner (Artuvia.pl)


  • Marketing & Management Diploma (Bachelor’s Dergee, WSZB Kraków)
  • Fashion/Portrait Photography

Access Bars

It is scientifically proven that one session of Access Bars equals 20 hours of meditation! My clients call it an Energetic Brain Massage or Energetic Make-over! It’s a dynamic body process that works instantly, it allows deep relaxation, stress relief, releases energy blockages and low vibrations. It also tidies up your brain activity. With each session you feel more and more positive and energised. It is a complementary therapy for sleep disorders, anxiety, winter depression, also helps a lot with learning difficulties.

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“This îs fantastic! I felt like new again after access bars session with Monika Foltman, felt so positive and balanced since!”


“I had a great treatment from Monika with all natural and home made products and I felt so well from the moment I came in to see her. I can’t wait to go back again!


“ I had a lovely morning at Holistica, Monika is a fantastic therapist, if you want to bring wellness to your life look no further.”