IMG_9089wordpressMy name is Monika Foltman and I am a conscious entrepreneur based in Dublin. I am the owner and the first photographer at Foltman Productions . I am a Certified Access Bars Facilitator and Practitioner,  I am also a healer and personal transformation coach.  I have been studying healing arts, psychology, philosophy and esoteric for the last 17 years. Recently I discovered Access Consciousness. Reading and watching tonnes of material and using the tools created by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer I realised that I finally found something THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!! I started sharing those tools with my friends and I noticed that it’s working for them too! My life started changing in a dynamic way and also lives of people around me started changing too!! So I decided to follow this energy and completed 3 Access Bars classes to become a Bars Facilitator and also Access Foundation and Level 1.  I am looking forward to share my experience with clients through Bars Sessions, Access 1 to 1 sessions and V.I.P days that would include a few more services.

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