My favourite meditations

1Today I would like to share with you my 3 favourite meditations of all times! The first one is chronologically the latest I discovered and I haven’t practised it for too long, only for a few days – but I already feel results! Centred and rejuvenated! So if you feel tired, distressed and all over the place check this wonderful “Chakra Balancing & Healing” Guided Meditation spoken by WIlliam Yensen

The other two are meditations are by Kelly Howell.

The first one is “Kelly Howell Guided Healing Meditation”, absolutely amazing! Also rejuvenating and I advice to listen to it in the morning, especially before a very busy day or when you feel deflated and uninspired, want to boost your creativity and shift your vibration.

The second one is “Manifest Your Destiny” – great for those of you who are still looking for your life path and inspiration. It’s best to listen to it before you go to sleep and note all the ideas that come to your mind in the morning. Worked for me and transformed my career path completely!

Kelly is creating fantastic detailed stories that get you quickly into deep relaxation and boost your imagination and creativity. Both meditations are advised to be practised for 6 weeks every day, I realise that may be difficult at times but I managed to stick with that I I do not regret!

Have a great time and send me your comments! I am really looking forward to hear about your own transformation 🙂

Love, Mon

2 responses to “My favourite meditations”

  1. phrenicautonomy Avatar

    Reblogged this on Patricia C Durham and commented:
    This is a perfect example of an area within spiritual growth which i have been looking at: meditation and the chakras

  2. Thank you for your comment Patricia and for reposting! Next week I will be interviewing a painter who recently started a new chapter in her art journey – a Spiritual Art. Amazing oil paintings full of colour and beautiful energy! I will post an interview and a few photos of her paintings so if you are interested – keep your eye on my blog 🙂
    Love, Mon x

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