“Being You With Money”

Yesterday I received a mailing from Ryanair with the joyful  subject “Springtime has arrived!” Only it was snowing outside the window, freezing cold and 0 – +1 on the thermometer. The planes were delayed so even if we wanted to jump on and run away from this sudden winter weather we could not :->

But looks liindexke it’s much better today! I hope I am not imagining things.. no, I’m sure I saw the sunshine through my window. Big day tomorrow, Dr Dain Heer is coming to Dublin for his “Being You With Money” one day class, to find out more click here.  And for all of you who have many bills to pay and not enough cash in you pocket here’s “Meditation to Create Abundance and Wealth” by Kelly Howell, I love her meditations! Very powerful stuff! So listen every day for six weeks, let your mind expand freely and notice the changes that start showing up in your life 🙂

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