Ignorance Is Bliss?

apple2aDo you know this saying that “ignorance is bliss”? It is used in many different ways, often with irony..  What I want you to realise is that sometimes what we KNOW or what we think we know is the biggest limitation we have.  Look at what you know about yourself: you know – or think you know what talents you have what you are capable of, and you are even more aware of what you CANNOT do and what you have no talent for. As a result of this we skip or reject a lot before we even try But recently we entered a new era, many people activated their 5th dimensional aspects so we have access to more inner wisdom, to more information and we learn in a different way than before. I’ve noticed that when I work with a teacher who is willing to share his knowledge with me –  I sort of “download” it from him very fast and it does not require a lot of time or effort. We do not need weeks and weeks of courses to acquire certain skills, now the same thing that required 10 weeks of training takes a weekend, or even one day. We learn very fast, but if you have a point of view that things take time,  require reading tonnes of books to acquire the certain skill skill  – that’s your reality. What if you don’t?

Some things actually ARE complicated or seam to be. Sometimes a team of specialists is working on something for weeks and the face a dead end. What do they do? Sometimes they hire someone from outside who never worked on this project. Why? Because this person has no point of view that it cannot be done! Their mind is opened and they have much bigger chance to find a solution.

So every day when I get up first I destroy and uncreate everything I know about me. Who knows where I travelled in my sleep and what information I collected from the 5th dimension? Maybe I am better and greater than I was a day before? Also everything I know about the economy – because if you have a point of view that the economy is bad and people don;t have money – how can you go out there do any business? Any trade? Your point of view creates your reality..

Before meeting anyone I destroy and uncreate everything I know about this person. We change, every single day we are a different person than we were yesterday. Every day we learn new things, collect new information – so our opinions are different every day. So know that: even if you think you know someone well – you don;t know a shit! And when you relate to what you knew about this person a week ago you may be relating simply to a different person because after a week they are not that any more! They might have changed – maybe just a little – but they might have.

So here are 2 processes for you

I destroy and uncreate everything I know about …….. Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POC and POD, all 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. Sounds weird? It’s a clearing statement and if you want to know what it is follow this link to find a free video, written explanation and 20 minutes MP3 explaining the clearing statement in detail.

And if you face some difficulty, a problem to solve and you don’t know what and how and where and with whom, and you already panicked and concluded that it cannot be done/solved – first destroy and uncreate all your points of view about it, and then ask: “What would it take to solve this/do this with total ease?”  or “What would it take for …. to show up?” And everything that doesn’t allow that  I destroy and uncreate it all!  Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POC and POD, all 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.

Live as a question not as a conclusion.

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