Are you ready for change? 5 steps to change anything

I felt so energised this morning! I watched this video last night and I realised how true it is.. My life changed a lot for last few years, it actually started 2 years after I came to Ireland in 2007. I was so bored with my one neuron job, so angry and frustrated  – that I finally made a demand for the change to show up! And I started taking action.

Small steps at the beginning, like taking singing lessons and performing on stage a few times which gave me not only a confidence boost but also a lot of new contacts. Recording my songs and putting out there. Buying a semi-professional camera and finding a fashion photography course , make-up course, started engaging in creative projects Like Art of Modelling Promo, Miss Ethnic Ireland Contest, Exclusive People, a column in Exclusive Magazine. That brought me not only hundreds new contacts but also people I never met started recognizing me on events, it was so new to me and so exciting! I started coming out of my shell, feeling more confident to be me.

I opened my photography business Foltman Productions at the end of 2011, not the best timing considering economy at that time but the great move anyway. I had to learn how to do business in Ireland which is totally different that anywhere else. I had to learn all the marketing tools to promote the business, because lets’ face it – if you don’t have cash to pay someone to do it for you the only way is to learn it yourself. I also had to get over my driving fear, last year I bought a car and learnt to drive after 40 years of saying I would never become a driver. My change and transformation started speeding up after I bumped on an interview with Dr Dain Heer, a co-creator of Access Consciousness.  That’s why I would like to share this video with you so you can start your own transformation with Ease. And Joy! And Glory!

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