Super Moon Super Powers

The energy is mind blowing today. Everything you focus on is energized by this amazing Super Moon. So FOCUS! Please do focus on what you want, what you wish for, what you desire, what you would like to create!  Where attention goes energy flows. And from today till the end of November you can focus, energize, create, realize, magically conjure your hearts desires. So what is it?.. Do you know what you are wanting?

Not so clear yet? So take a deep breath… breath in.. breath out… If you had one hundred million dollars today what would your life be like? If there were no limitations. If you did not care what other people think of you.. What would your life be like? Where would you live? Who would you live with? Who would you like to work with? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE WORLD? Just imagine.. What would make you feel good, peaceful, joyful?

And now – is there anything there in your grandiose vision of yours you could initiate TODAY? Without this 100 million dollars?

You have a super power within you. If you would like to start uncovering it feel free to contact me. Personal Power session is available now on Skype or at Holistica
 Investment:  €100

This session will help you with your personal development no matter where you are on your path. If you never experienced any type of energy healing or clearing there is a free 30 min introductory session available in person or on Skype. To book  call me at 085 1656279 or email me at

Much Love to you

Monika Foltman



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