Good Morning!

About 2 months ago I started listening to recordings of Abraham Hicks. I subscribed to “Abraham Daily” channel on my phone and I listen to the recordings once or twice a day. Every day. This is something that I can really relate to, things I’ve known all my life and it is the way I’ve lived. But sometimes I forget. I allow myself into the drama of this reality, I t engage with little insignificant problems little too much and when my emotions get messy soon enough I see the manifestation of it in my every day life. Our emotional well being is important. Our thoughts feelings and emotions and words we are saying every day are the most important bricks that create our reality. Nothing is random… Since I started listening to Abraham my life started slowly changing. 2 months later so much shifted that I can’t even believe it! It changed me.

Listen to this video a few times. Repeat those sentences and feel how your energy is shifting. Gave a GOOD DAY ALL
Much Love ❤


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