Magic of a Big Dream

Hi Guys,

Did you notice that when you come up with some brilliant idea that is BIG  and very often complex you immediately go to the question “But how am I going to create this?” That’s how we were taught.  That’s how we were trained. First clarify WHAT is that you want to create and then sit down and break it to smaller steps, plan HOW you are going to actualize it and then start taking action. Step after step until you create this. See the thing is the more creative you are, the more expanded the consciousness of yours is – the more GRANDIOSE those ideas are. If you are a visionary you can see it, feel it, almost touch it like you were there, like it already happened. And when you see and feel and smell almost touch your manifested idea you can tap into the vibration of it and you get excited! Really start desiring this… And then you go into HOW. And HOW creates stress and overwhelm. Little by little it starts killing your BIG DREAM. When you realize how much would have to go to actually create it you start feeling anxious and uncomfortable. And more often than not you give it up. You com up with many very rational and o so logical reasons why it would never work.

But what if you were GUARANTEED your dream come true? How would you feel if right after having your revelation an Angel came down and said: “I give you 100% guarantee that IT IS going to happen. You are capable of finishing this project and we will assist you to make it happen. We will do some MAGIC behind the scenes. Your job is only to allow it. Just trust and let the path of least resistance unfold for you. All you have to do is pay attention, follow the energy of your dream and enjoy the journey. Well, that would be great! Wouldn’t it? But what if that’s exactly the way it is?…

Please watch this video, it will blow your mind! What it it could be that easy?… And if you have a Big Dream you are overwhelmed with it with please feel free to share it in a comment or send me an email! You can also book a free 30 min skype call with me and maybe together we can work something out? Book your free call here

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