New Year New You?

It is this time of the year when people start new health regimes and diets, also often try to detox their bodies with special diets or detox products. Please remember that even though something is natural it is not always safe for everyone. If you are dealing with some serious health issues and taking any medication please consult your doctor before you start a new diet, detox program or supplements, make sure there are no interactions between your medication and supplements or products. The fact that something is natural or herbal does not mean it is neutral.
For example soy products and supplements may not me suitable for patients with hypothyroidism, while sea kelp which naturally contains iodine may boost your hormones and can be harmful if your thyroid hormone levels are above the norm already. Also products with Iron should not be taken without checking Iron level in your blood. The body will not get rid of the access iron if you take too much and it may damage your liver. Even if based on symptoms you think you suffer from iron deficiency remember that those symptoms are not specific enough to administrate supplement without the blood test.

Strict diets and excessive exercise can be also dangerous to your body. Strict diets give temporary results and weaken the body. In addition, the body will lose a lot of important nutrients that ultimately affects the skin and the body as a whole. Very heavy exercise can cause injuries and hormone imbalance, lower your estrogen levels, cause your menstrual period to cease and trigger premature aging. It is easy to mess up your hormonal balance but not so easy to bring it back. So moderation is the key. Everything drastic and radical can be potentially harmful.

 Did you know that most articles on internet that give health advise are written by bloggers who have none or very little knowledge about human anatomy, physiology or nutrition? When you are researching your health issues or looking for a new diet please do some fact checking before you take on any natural therapy or diagnose yourself. It is good to check if a person who submitted the article is a health professional, check a few other sources especially if articles claim that some products are a miracle cure for something or have 10 times better results than any other available products on the market.
So use your common sense and stay healthy! Wishing you all the best in 2018! 🙂

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