Political Correctness

The world is a crazy place these days, it is very difficult to speak your truth or voice your opinion without offending somebody. I had an example of that recently.

I came to this world as a weirdo (I wonder how many people just got offended), a psychic child telling fortune at the age of 8, telling people exactly what I thought when they asked what I thought,  which usually offended someone, who wants the truth, right? I went through being an outsider, being rejected, being lonely so eventually I ended with anxiety and emotional eating, became fat and then the body shaming started. And then YEARS LATER after a fair share of soul searching I realised that I actually came into this world to be DIFFERENT.  It took me a while to develop a skin thick enough not to get offended every time someone used a word I didn’t fancy to describe me.

If you are different, if you don’t fit you may be a Leader of Change in some way. Many of you probably are!!. So BE ONE. Please stop making fuss every time someone calls you a weirdo or any other word that slipped out of their insensitive mouths. Say “thank you that you’ve noticed!!” Be willing to BE SEEN AS DIFFERENT AS YOU ARE. Do not try to fit in, it’s not why you’re here! Daaahh.. And also please do not demand of everybody to walk on their tiptoes around you and mind their language 24/7 cause they may STOP talking to you ALL TOGETHER! It’s just too much to master all this political correctness these days. Of course I do not mean the situation where someone is offending or bullying you on purpose, to hurt you. But just pleeeease notice the difference…

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