Under The Pear Tree

Last week was tough… Actually whole last month was tough energy wise… The entire Summer before that was extreme I’d say! Damn it, this whole year was extreme. But yesterday I could eventually sit down, have a nice cup of coffee under the pear tree, looking at Wicklow Mountains and have a nice relaxing chat with my friend.
Errr… NOPE! I don’t seam to have nice relaxing chats with anyone any more. I am surrounded with amazing unique and conscious people who are all fascinated with mystery of Life, consciousness, The Divine and all the ways our souls realise their plans. So every conversation is a deep dive into consciousness, intense energy exchange and becomes a part of our Soul Evolution. 

Last few days I had a few very intense conversations with people who are in the middle of some kind of adversity or conflict. Usually if the shit storm of biblical proportions hits someone’s life I am a go-to person. Even if there’s absolutely nothing I can do to help. This was the main issue  in all 7 cases I dealt with this week. There was absolutely nothing that I could do to help or even in some cases there was nothing I could say to help.

I’ve noticed all of these guys had one thing in common. They in one way or the other mistreated themselves. Either taking on more responsibilities that they could handle, abusing their bodies through compulsive eating and drinking, or constantly blowing things out of proportion and going into extreme stress mode. All of those people got severely mistreated  by others this last few weeks.

And I started thinking this: the way you are treated my the world is a reflection of the way you treat yourself.  WHAT IF every experience of any kind of  neglect, abuse from others or any adversity is showing you where you neglect of abuse yourself. So if you are one of these people who recently has been experiencing life difficulties please sit down for a couple of minutes and give it a thought. Are you kind to yourself? Do you take care of the basic needs of your body? Do you sleep 7-8 hours a day? Do you eat 3 nutritional food at least times a day? Are you hydrated? Are you organised or constantly late, forgetting things, stressing? Do you give yourself time to rest? Are you focused on your life or constantly getting involved in other people’s drama? Where does your energy and attention go? If you have a stressful job are you practicing stress relief techniques? Do you like yourself of do you judge yourself? What is your inner dialogue? Kind or hateful?

It is possible to overcome every hardship. But you have to start from a place of self nourishment. A drained, stressed brain will never come up with any satisfying solution. So take a half an hour before you go to bed tonight, make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea and spend some time observing your breath. In silence. In stillness. Just Breath. Clean slate.

Much Love
Monika ❤

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