Why would you recommend having your bars run?

Someone asked this question on the Access Bars 365 fb group: “Why would you recommend having your bars run? What changes have you noticed in your life or body?”

Here are a few very interesting comments I feel are worth reading.. I decided to quote some of them to give you an idea about what may happen after an Access Bars session and what is possible here. Every session is different, every person is different. You may have an unlimited number of outcomes after Access Bars. Because when you un-do limitations ANYTHING may happen. So here’s a thing. When people as “what is going to happen to me after the session” I am not able to tell them. You cannot predict it because Humans are unpredictable when they get closer to being their true selves! We have unlimited potential. Depending on how deeply it is buried it needs more or less of undoing. Depending on how READY you are to be YOU it takes more or less sessions like this to produce the profound effect. Anything is possible though. After I received my first session I started feeling the Energy i my hands. I was able to diagnose disorders in peoples bodies. After a few sessions my spider/bugs phobia disappeared. Around 3 month into being a practitioner I realised that my fear of driving disappeared and I applied for driving license. But I had no expectations. I was opened to transformation whatever shape or form it was going to take. I just wanted a change, something new, something better. It had no projections, expectations, judgements, I was ready to be out of form, structure, significance and definition, out of limitation. Out of total CONTROL.

I believe it is necessary to let go of your ideas and points of view about how your future is supposed to look like. Let go of your plans and goals for a while. let go of some ideas that arE maybe not 100% yours. Give yourself a break. Gibe yourself some space. Let your Soul’s wisdom get through. Let your personal vibration show up. That’s when Miralces start to happen… Check out other peoples experience and maybe, when you’re ready you may want to try this weird thing called #AccessBars

“It has deleted all my self limiting beliefs so now i have the confidence to facilitate workshops and work with clients which i never had before. i also have more ease with housework and don’t panic so much about being late. i also have more dreams that are prophetic so its like I’m more in touch with my intuition and easier to be guided and easier to make choices

“More clarity and more space in my body”

“It gives me a sense of overall more peace and freedom, I don ‘t give a f** about people’ s judgement ( I gladly receive them ) is more like “ok, interesting you think that. ” I have way more ease in live in general … and I am being more of me. This after 3 – 4 years of running bars and body processes , attending classes and facilitating”

I would recommend having your bars run to anyone asking to receive anything. For me getting mine run feels like letting go of all thoughts considerations judgement and point of view that have blocked me from receiving the energy I’ve asked for. The change I feel is more space and more possibilities. How does it get any better than that?

I have felt light love and joy every time my bars have been run. Total feeling of well being.

I have noticed a space that I didn’t see there before. In this space I’m able to respond rather than react. PRICELESS!!!

“Release of limitation, points of view, conditioning I’ve picked up and bought as my own. Head much more empty of negative thoughts, better memory, less brain fog, more focussed happier less stressed. More of this please!”

Total clarity of the mind and as a result of that everything else becomes clearer

“I feel relaxed after bars session. And more ‘me’. More connected to the world”

“I manifest much more and much easier and my intuition is better. I naturally choose to eat healthy food and my mind is waaaaay calmer….like calmer than ever”

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