Money for Star Seeds 2019

This is the message that applies to Empaths, Starseeds, highly sensitive beings and all the other Alien humans out there. If you are one of us it will resonate with you and help you to understand why you have financial problems in your life.

We come here to Planet Earth to experience The Game of 3D reality, but unlike most Humans we hold on to the big portion of our higher consciousness and never loose touch with it, or if we loose we realign with ir in our late 20s or early 30s, due to some sort of pain being inflicted on us to open our hearts and reconnect with the light of our Soul fully. It hardly ever happens in a struck of lightning. It is usually a process, it’s like a portal Life drags us through so we can heal our core wounds and achieve the higher level of Soul Awakening. I will talk about the process in my future posts but today I’d like to mention a few words about our relationship with money.

As cosmic beings with the open channel to higher dimensions all our life is different than most lives. So why would our relationship with Money be normal and average. It’s different, like everything else. Higher dimensional states of being operate mostly on energy flows and vibrational frequencies. Hence the frequent inability to create the money flows using normal principles of 3D reality. What works for most does not work for us. In 3D you base your actions on logic, in 5D on intuition. What happens if your consciousness is multidimensional, who makes choices? How are we supposed to create?

The higher dimension your energy is at, the less form, structure, definition, polarities, definitions but also less limitations. Human ego though has a difficulty to operate like this. It wants structure, definition, logic. So imagine.. what would it be like, what would happen if you were out of control, out of definition, out of form,structure, significance, out of limitation with your entire reality? I know you cannot logically understand it, but can you perceive the Energy of it?

Everything you know about you, everything you think you know about you, about this reality, your every point of view, belief, every point of reference, every opinion you are holding on to is your LIMITATION. What would it be like to let go of all of that? How many revenue streams would you be able to create from EVERYTHING you are doing and being? What if there are unlimited possibilities that will show up for you, ideas you’ve never considered before?

The next step to is allow the energy flow through you. I know that you are all tired, exhausted and you have enough. Some of you said this year “I am done! Fuck all of this, I wanna go home” I know you put up your barriers and closed your hearts because there was just too much pain to heal in the collective consciousness… It has been a really rough few years. I KNOW. But there’s a light coming in now so it is time to lower down your barriers and open your hearts. Because you cannot receive abundance flows if your hearts are closed. The mantra of Access Consciousness is “All of Life Comes To Me With Ease and Joy and Glory” ALL OF LIFE. But we try to protect ourselves from the pain, from getting hurt, from other people energy… unfortunately when you protect yourself no energy can flow easily. So cannot Money.

And learn to Love Money. Treat your Money like a friend. Love, respect, acknowledge it’s value! Like with every other human being you want to stick around for a while. Have fun with the money! With moderation, just like you do with your friends. You have fun once in a while but you don’t go our for crazy parties every day do you? Take care of your money, invest it wisely. Forget all the “get rich fast” schemes. Have they ever worked for you? You are magnificent beings with unbelievable potential, capitalize on it, no matter what people around you think about it!! Do whatever feels right FOR YOU. #loveiskey

Much Love <2



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