Energetic Facelift

Facelift_2The Access Energetic Facelift™ is an amazing process that smooths, tightens and rejuvenates your face and your body. No surgery, no injections, no drugs! How does it get any better?

 Would you like a more youthful appearance? Without BOTOX or surgery?! It’s written all over your face……Years of frustration, anger, worry, doubt, fear. Those wrinkles aren’t signs of aging. They are what happens to your face when emotions get stuck and and energy is locked into place. What if you could have a natural facelift instead of going under the knife or having to resort to chemicals like Botox? The Access Energetic Facelift reverses the appearance of aging on the face through original cellular memory recollection and it also creates similar effects throughout the body  . This innovative procedure was developed by energy healer and pioneer Gary Douglas. You will see remarkable results as wrinkles begin to disappear and your skin smooths with a youthful, healthy glow. People who have received this process have reported it is like having a life lift, more energy, stability and clarity. What great side effects! The Access Energetic Facelift™ has been provided professionally in spas, massage practices, anti-aging and wellness centres worldwide. dramatic energetic face lift that rejuvenates and reveals the light within. Erases years of “frozen emotions” smoothing wrinkles, and turning back the clock no matter what your age.

1 SESSION – €50

5 SESSIONS – €199


IMG_8259AAfter third session: “On Wednesday I visited my friend Monika Foltman, I give her an Access Bars session and she has been giving me an Energetic Facelift (Holistic). After the facelift she used a Natural Collagen  face mask with all natural products, she applied a face scrub, then applied a clear face mask and finished of with a beautiful relaxing application of moisturiser. To any of my friends who live nearby Beaumont, you should try this, already I’m seeing a difference in my skin and all of my friends see the change too. Monika is very talented, she is the person who took my profile photo. She has worked with models both on and of the catwalk and is now working with clients using her expertise. To your success!”

After fifth session: “Had a brilliant morning with my friend Monika, I gifted her a Reiki session and she gifted me a body process and an energetic face lift. I can see the difference in my skin, the lines around my lips are not as noticeable, even my friends are commenting on it.”

Patricia Duffy
Reiki Master, NLP coach and Access Bars Facilitator




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