Money for Star Seeds 2019

This is the message that applies to Empaths, Starseeds, highly sensitive beings and all the other Alien humans out there. If you are one of us it will resonate with you and help you to understand why you have financial problems in your life.

We come here to Planet Earth to experience The Game of 3D reality, but unlike most Humans we hold on to the big portion of our higher consciousness and never loose touch with it, or if we loose we realign with ir in our late 20s or early 30s, due to some sort of pain being inflicted on us to open our hearts and reconnect with the light of our Soul fully. It hardly ever happens in a struck of lightning. It is usually a process, it’s like a portal Life drags us through so we can heal our core wounds and achieve the higher level of Soul Awakening. I will talk about the process in my future posts but today I’d like to mention a few words about our relationship with money.

As cosmic beings with the open channel to higher dimensions all our life is different than most lives. So why would our relationship with Money be normal and average. It’s different, like everything else. Higher dimensional states of being operate mostly on energy flows and vibrational frequencies. Hence the frequent inability to create the money flows using normal principles of 3D reality. What works for most does not work for us. In 3D you base your actions on logic, in 5D on intuition. What happens if your consciousness is multidimensional, who makes choices? How are we supposed to create?

The higher dimension your energy is at, the less form, structure, definition, polarities, definitions but also less limitations. Human ego though has a difficulty to operate like this. It wants structure, definition, logic. So imagine.. what would it be like, what would happen if you were out of control, out of definition, out of form,structure, significance, out of limitation with your entire reality? I know you cannot logically understand it, but can you perceive the Energy of it?

Everything you know about you, everything you think you know about you, about this reality, your every point of view, belief, every point of reference, every opinion you are holding on to is your LIMITATION. What would it be like to let go of all of that? How many revenue streams would you be able to create from EVERYTHING you are doing and being? What if there are unlimited possibilities that will show up for you, ideas you’ve never considered before?

The next step to is allow the energy flow through you. I know that you are all tired, exhausted and you have enough. Some of you said this year “I am done! Fuck all of this, I wanna go home” I know you put up your barriers and closed your hearts because there was just too much pain to heal in the collective consciousness… It has been a really rough few years. I KNOW. But there’s a light coming in now so it is time to lower down your barriers and open your hearts. Because you cannot receive abundance flows if your hearts are closed. The mantra of Access Consciousness is “All of Life Comes To Me With Ease and Joy and Glory” ALL OF LIFE. But we try to protect ourselves from the pain, from getting hurt, from other people energy… unfortunately when you protect yourself no energy can flow easily. So cannot Money.

And learn to Love Money. Treat your Money like a friend. Love, respect, acknowledge it’s value! Like with every other human being you want to stick around for a while. Have fun with the money! With moderation, just like you do with your friends. You have fun once in a while but you don’t go our for crazy parties every day do you? Take care of your money, invest it wisely. Forget all the “get rich fast” schemes. Have they ever worked for you? You are magnificent beings with unbelievable potential, capitalize on it, no matter what people around you think about it!! Do whatever feels right FOR YOU. #loveiskey

Much Love <2



Why would you recommend having your bars run?

Someone asked this question on the Access Bars 365 fb group: “Why would you recommend having your bars run? What changes have you noticed in your life or body?”

Here are a few very interesting comments I feel are worth reading.. I decided to quote some of them to give you an idea about what may happen after an Access Bars session and what is possible here. Every session is different, every person is different. You may have an unlimited number of outcomes after Access Bars. Because when you un-do limitations ANYTHING may happen. So here’s a thing. When people as “what is going to happen to me after the session” I am not able to tell them. You cannot predict it because Humans are unpredictable when they get closer to being their true selves! We have unlimited potential. Depending on how deeply it is buried it needs more or less of undoing. Depending on how READY you are to be YOU it takes more or less sessions like this to produce the profound effect. Anything is possible though. After I received my first session I started feeling the Energy i my hands. I was able to diagnose disorders in peoples bodies. After a few sessions my spider/bugs phobia disappeared. Around 3 month into being a practitioner I realised that my fear of driving disappeared and I applied for driving license. But I had no expectations. I was opened to transformation whatever shape or form it was going to take. I just wanted a change, something new, something better. It had no projections, expectations, judgements, I was ready to be out of form, structure, significance and definition, out of limitation. Out of total CONTROL.

I believe it is necessary to let go of your ideas and points of view about how your future is supposed to look like. Let go of your plans and goals for a while. let go of some ideas that arE maybe not 100% yours. Give yourself a break. Gibe yourself some space. Let your Soul’s wisdom get through. Let your personal vibration show up. That’s when Miralces start to happen… Check out other peoples experience and maybe, when you’re ready you may want to try this weird thing called #AccessBars

“It has deleted all my self limiting beliefs so now i have the confidence to facilitate workshops and work with clients which i never had before. i also have more ease with housework and don’t panic so much about being late. i also have more dreams that are prophetic so its like I’m more in touch with my intuition and easier to be guided and easier to make choices

“More clarity and more space in my body”

“It gives me a sense of overall more peace and freedom, I don ‘t give a f** about people’ s judgement ( I gladly receive them ) is more like “ok, interesting you think that. ” I have way more ease in live in general … and I am being more of me. This after 3 – 4 years of running bars and body processes , attending classes and facilitating”

I would recommend having your bars run to anyone asking to receive anything. For me getting mine run feels like letting go of all thoughts considerations judgement and point of view that have blocked me from receiving the energy I’ve asked for. The change I feel is more space and more possibilities. How does it get any better than that?

I have felt light love and joy every time my bars have been run. Total feeling of well being.

I have noticed a space that I didn’t see there before. In this space I’m able to respond rather than react. PRICELESS!!!

“Release of limitation, points of view, conditioning I’ve picked up and bought as my own. Head much more empty of negative thoughts, better memory, less brain fog, more focussed happier less stressed. More of this please!”

Total clarity of the mind and as a result of that everything else becomes clearer

“I feel relaxed after bars session. And more ‘me’. More connected to the world”

“I manifest much more and much easier and my intuition is better. I naturally choose to eat healthy food and my mind is waaaaay calmer….like calmer than ever”

How is Reiki different to Access Bars?

This is RE-POSTED content from Kerry Garner Venter blog.

I Love this article so much. It explains so many things about the Access Bars, I couldn’t do it better. If you are interested to explore more about The Bars here we go!

“People ask me this question all the time. In fact, I asked it myself when I first heard about the Bars.

At that time in my life I had already been ‘adorned’ as a Reiki Master since I was 16 years old, and had accrued so many healing modalities to count. I was certified in Magnified Healing using the Violet Flame, Neuro-Stress Release – which was an integrated healing and coaching system that combined cranio-sacral healing with kinesiology, body talk and a few other things sprinkled in – as well as other more cognitive coaching/healing methodologies like the Demartini Method, NLP, Neuro Semantics etc., and so I really wanted to know how Access Bars would be different and not just another certification that I would learn and never be truly satisfied by.  Maybe you can relate…How many healing modalities and self help strategies have you already tried that have left you still seeking more?

In my first class with Access Bars I sat there with all my pre-conceived judgments, conclusions, projections, expectations, about what it was, wasn’t, could be, couldn’t be and slowly but surely, with every use of the Access Clearing statement, all of that melted away and the space and consciousness that started expanding in my world was like magic. I knew that it was what I had been seeking and asking for but still had no clue how much of a continuous contribution to my life it would actually be and still is.
Everything I was hearing in the class it was like I already knew it; but it wasn’t from the limited place of my cognitive mind and reference points. It was from my capacity of knowing, which I soon discovered is very different and way more what is actually the place and space that we, as Infinite Beings, function from.

It’s not about you

One of the first places Reiki and other healing modalities differ from Access Bars is they don’t come from the point of view that I need to be the ‘healer’, conduit, channel who ‘does this thing’ to you. There’s nothing else you need to be, other than YOU! What gift are you already that you’ve never acknowledged?

There are no attunements required, no higher levels of consciousness that you need to reach or ascend to. All that is simply required is learning 32 points on the head that relate to different areas of life, that you lightly touch…and the rest happens on it’s own. There’s no intention you have to have, no healing you have to do, no symbol you have to draw or activate, nothing. All you have to do is be there to ‘run their bars’.

Once these Bars of energy (hence the name) are activated by your touch, they begin to dissipate all the electromagnetic charge that has been generated by all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and points of views that person has related to the area of the Bar you are running. What this does is create space – space to create, to know, to be, to receive, and to perceive all the infinite possibilities, choices, and change that is actually available to you.

It’s about creating space – How much do you currently have?’

Creating space is one of the biggest benefits from running the Access Bars and you might be wondering what having space has to do with anything and why you would ever want to do such a thing.

Well, if we liken your mind to a tiny studio apartment in NYC and one day the Universe delivered this massive shipment of _____________(insert whatever you have been asking for), but there was no space for you to RECEIVE it…how bummed would you be?

In this reality, we are not taught or encouraged to receive. We are taught to be humble (not receive too many compliments), only receive certain energies from people that are ‘appropriate’, taught to put barriers up to avoid negative energy and on and on it goes.  But receiving is another one of our innate capacities and if we expanded our capacity to receive ALL of life – without judgment – we would have ALL of what we truly desire with greater ease.

It’s about Gifting and Receiving – What are you refusing to receive that you could be choosing?

Oh but wait, there’s more.   Not only is it about creating the space to receive more in your life, when you are the one running someone else’s Bars you also get to clear all the points of views and corresponding charges that you have in common with that person. How cool is that?!

Other modalities teach you that you can’t clear or change something in someone else unless you haven conquered/learned/overcome it yourself. That’s an interesting point of view. So does that mean you have to overcome cancer or abuse in order to be a contribution to someone else? That doesn’t sound like fun. What if just by being you, running someone’s bars for them, you knew you were being a greater contribution that if you were actually having to DO anything TO them?

How much easier and more empowering is that? How much more communion would people be more willing to be in with others, if they knew that by giving an Access Bars session, they too were receiving the change? How much superiority are some people operating from when they do ‘healing’ on you? Does that actually contribute and empower you to know what you know? What if receiving had nothing to do with someone else actually doing anything to you? Are you receiving the contribution that the sun is without it ‘doing’ anything other than just Being the sun?

So how else is it different to Reiki and other healing modalities?

Access Bars is also different from Reiki and other healing modalities in that it’s not about doing anything to you or anyone. It’s about dissipating all the electromagnetic charge that prevents you and others from Being all that you truly Be.

Reiki and many other modalities – are cool, can feel nice for a while – but their basis is not that you are an Infinite Being, with infinite possibilities and capacities – instead it’s about how to continue relating to this reality, instead of creating beyond it.

If you no longer had to relate to the world, in the way that you’re used to, what else would be possible?

We’re functioning from all the fixed point of view and relational reference points that, we don’t even like to be, want to be, but refuse to change, that if we chose to change it and BE something different, could give us everything we would love.

Everything you’re doing is relating to the world around you, not creating the world you could be creating.

Relationship is the distance between two objects. So everything that you are relating to in thoughts, feelings, emotions, and all other points of view that you relate to yourself and others and the world through, is what perpetuates the reality that you keep experiencing. Running Access Bars clears all of that so that you can literally BE, do and have something greater all the time and continuously create your own reality that actually reflects what you would like to choose, not what you think you have to choose. You can’t be relational and infinite at the same time. So when you start to run your own Bars and other people’s you dissipate everything that hasn’t allowed you to occupy that Infinite Space you actually BE.

What else would be possible for you with the gift of Access Bars?

What happens during a session?

Anything can show up when you have your Bars run. All you need to do is lie down comfortably and receive. Each of the 32 Bars of energy get ‘run’ for a few minutes at a time and while that occurs a multitude of things can occur or not – each person and session is different. People have experienced deep, profound relaxation, some have fallen fast asleep, some have laughed and giggled and had immense joy for the first time in a long time, others have cried, others have wiggled and shaken, and some have just lay there in stillness or conversation with me until the end. There’s no right/wrong; better/worse way to have a session.

The real gift is actually having or giving a session. Have you had one yet? Is now the time?

Can you learn Access Bars to run on others?

Yes of course! There is a 1 day Access Bars class that certifies you as an Access Bars Practitioner where you learn the 32 points, give two sessions and receive two sessions and at the end of the day you are equipped to run Bars on others and charge money for your time, or not. If you’d like to take things further and teach Access Bars, you can become an Access Bars Facilitator, by taking 3 classes with 3 different facilitators.

Click here to find an Access Bars Practitioner/Facilitator in your area!”

New Year Energy Transmission

Dear Subscribers!
I Would like to wish you all Fantastic, Fabulous, Amazing, Best Ever and of course Happy NEW YEAR 2019!!!!
I recorded a short video for you sending you energy of LOVE from my heart to all yours. I hope you have a great year ❤
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MUCH LOVE ❤ #loveiskey

Holiday Greetings and important info

I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas!! ❤ I hope you will have a fantastic Holidays Season and May the joy of the season stay with you throughout the year. ❤ Although if for some reason you are feeling lonely, depressed, tired, anxious or stressed out and need some support and healing during this Winter time you can either book your free 30 minut “Winter ER” Skype call with me or send me an email sharing your feelings and emotions, describing your difficulties or a particular problem you are experiencing right now, and place the distant healing request at the end of your email.

You can email me any time at and I will answer as soon as I can.

Much Love ❤ Monika

Multistorey Labytinth

This morning I received a message on Instagram that made me sit down and think for a while…  I decided to share it with you. So here it goes:

“Hi Monika, my name is (…)
I’m sorry, I don’t usually message people out of random but I followed you & I picked up on your energy and I feel like you need some clarity which I can provide. I am sensing like a blockage and I felt you are at a crossroad. Please let me know if you’re interested in getting a reading with me”

It made me think. Am I on a crossroad? Sure. I am always on some crossroad. Actually I feel like my life is a multistorey labyrinth of infinite crossroads. Sometimes the path is so obvious that it’s really easy to choose the next turn. One path is bright, wide and inviting, it’s calling me, I can see far far ahead and I feel nice shivers when I look there. I know I HAVE TO go there! I MUST! I see a bunch of nice people down the road, sun is shinning and my heart is pounding with excitement. The other path may be a little dark , it feels heavy to go there, feels like old patterns are creeping in on the way.. So I know where to go, I take the turn and walk with confidence.

But sometimes I come to the crossroad and both paths are foggy. I see no horizon at all and I’m full of uncertainty and anxiety. In times like this I all I can do is sit on this corner and look. Not into any of the paths but deep inside of ME. In the past I used to jump ahead of myself, try one path and if it didn’t work go back and try another. But these days energy is different. This time I KNOW it is not the good idea to push forward and to take a blind leap.  I feel I need to conserve my energy for a little while and practice patience. Sit still, breathe and meditate until I KNOW what to do, where to, what choice is the best. I feel like if sit there on this crossroad for a while one of those paths will clear a little.

I am really grateful to this girl for her message and kindness, she already contributed greatly to me and my self-healing process. But I’m not ready yet. Although it is very tempting seek advice outside of me, go for a psychic reading, book a life coach or ask a friend, this time I need to figure it out for myself.  If there’s a blockage I will dismantle it one screw at the time.  If there’s a tangle I will sit and do my work until it’s untangled. And it will happen when it’s time. When I’m ready. I used to jump into things too quickly, before I was ready, prepared or qualified. Although that was a lot of fun to navigate in the unknown and prove to myself that YES I CAN! But this time I choose patience and work, I need to be prepared. I require some kind of plan before I move. Because what’s coming next may  be THE WORK OF MY LIFE, something I can’t just drop if it doesn’t work out. A LIFETIME COMMITMENT. I committed myself a few years ago to be a healer and I graduated a few courses, gained some certificates, practiced my techniques and spent the last 7 years observing the process and learning more and more about how people work. I am in touch with most of people who ever came for a healing session to me. Thanks to social media I get to observe changes and transformation they go through even a few years after we worked together. My energy was the one to ignite change, for years. But recently something shifted, something started to change… My vibrations shifted, so my interests, and my clients also changed.

I think I chose this path at the age of 8 or 9.  When I went to my religion class for the first time and read about Jesus, miracles and healings he performed I went home and told my mom I want to be like Jesus, I want to heal people. I want to “disappear” disease. My mom laughed, handed me a Medical Encyclopedia and said “try to get to know disease before you take on this fight”. I spent next couple of years studying it.  I got obsessed with a Russian distant healer my parents watched on the telly and this dream was created “I want to be THAT. I want to be HIM. WHATEVER IT TAKES. I was only 13. I didn’t realise back than that it would take A LOT.  A lot of pain and disease I have to get to known deeply and intimately. I also took biology in high school and chose it for my living cert to get to study more about human anatomy and physiology. I also took  English as my leading subject in hight school and was learning it like my life depended on it. And guess what! I ended up in Ireland. So yes, I believe on some level we KNOW what we’re about to become.

I hope that in years to come I will be able to contribute even more in the global energy shift and healing of the Planet and people. On a bigger scale. Not sure how this is going to go down but I believe my Soul knows. She planed it, I will let Her guide me. But I know one thing for sure. 100%. Love is The Key. My website is coming soon. Working on it. Sending you much much LOVE beautiful people who take time to read my blog

De-clutter your brain

Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin has been analyzing brains & cognition for 15 years. At a recent conference, he decided to do an impromptu analysis of what occurs in the brain for someone after a single Access Bars session. What he found was so phenomenal that it blew him away!

Access Bars  provides a very simple body process for changing the energy so you can start having a different result in any or all aspects of your life, be it with your health, your wealth, your relationships, your business or work. There are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched start to release all the traumas, locked emotions, limiting thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that are stored in your body and energy field in a form of small electric charges. Those tiny little charges block your energy flow and also electrical flow in your brain.  Similar to deleting files off your computer’s hard-drive, more space becomes available to receive and create something totally new. Access Bars provide a powerful Energy Clearing and dynamic transformation with ease. No need to talk about your past, relive your traumas, no need to visit a therapist every week for 3 years. You come a few times for the major de-clutter and then repeat sessions whenever you feel you need another upgrade 🙂

Would you like to try? Access Bars Dublin 085 165 6279

Turn your troubles into dollars

Just a quick post this morning. I’d like to share a video with you that I found on Facebook , to me is really inspiring. ❤
If you don’t judge your circumstances as negative,bad, terrible sometimes good things happen!!  Things usually happen for a reason and not everything ALWAYS is what it seams. If you want to create a different circumstances sometimes you current ones have to be deconstructed. It doesn’t always feel nice or safe. Change hardly ever feels nice and safe. 
When you immediately judge those things as bad – THIS IS IT! The energy stops. But when you take a pause and ask a few questions to your higher self like “what is it? What do I do with it? It may open the door to a better possibility and you may be able to turn your troubles into dollars like this lady from Zanzibar 
Of course not every sh*t that happens is the answer to your prayers so always ask and listen… You are always guided, when you ask answers always come… 
Much Love to you and have a great weekend!

Share Good News

Some WONDERFUL things are happening every day on our beautiful Planet Earth. Main stream news will probably not include them in their daily news portion since the sole purpose of main stream news it to keep you in the darkness, in fear and anxiety. They want you to you compensate by purchasing more and more. Happy people are not great for today’s economy cause they consume less. So please share every post with good news, practical solution to a problem, give people inspiration and hope. Stay away from thing that scare you, cause feelings of sadness and anxiety. THINK what you REALLY wanna share with your friends. It’s SOCIAL MEDIA and it’s in our hands what we share with others. It’s your choice what you focus on and share with others: a problem or a solution? What will you choose today? PLEASE DO NOT SHARE SCARY, FEAR BASED, TERRYFYING, DEPRESSING CONTENT on your social media platform. Share hope not hopelessness, share joy not sadness. Raise awareness about…SOLUTIONS. Share good news today ❤

#sharegoodnews #sharegoodnewstoday #sharehopenotfear #sharejoynotsadness #sharegoodnotbad #sharelovenothate


And more…