Under The Pear Tree

Last week was tough… Actually whole last month was tough energy wise… The entire Summer before that was extreme I’d say! Damn it, this whole year was extreme. But yesterday I could eventually sit down, have a nice cup of coffee under the pear tree, looking at Wicklow Mountains and have a nice relaxing chat with my friend.
Errr… NOPE! I don’t seam to have nice relaxing chats with anyone any more. I am surrounded with amazing unique and conscious people who are all fascinated with mystery of Life, consciousness, The Divine and all the ways our souls realise their plans. So every conversation is a deep dive into consciousness, intense energy exchange and becomes a part of our Soul Evolution. 

Last few days I had a few very intense conversations with people who are in the middle of some kind of adversity or conflict. Usually if the shit storm of biblical proportions hits someone’s life I am a go-to person. Even if there’s absolutely nothing I can do to help. This was the main issue  in all 7 cases I dealt with this week. There was absolutely nothing that I could do to help or even in some cases there was nothing I could say to help.

I’ve noticed all of these guys had one thing in common. They in one way or the other mistreated themselves. Either taking on more responsibilities that they could handle, abusing their bodies through compulsive eating and drinking, or constantly blowing things out of proportion and going into extreme stress mode. All of those people got severely mistreated  by others this last few weeks.

And I started thinking this: the way you are treated my the world is a reflection of the way you treat yourself.  WHAT IF every experience of any kind of  neglect, abuse from others or any adversity is showing you where you neglect of abuse yourself. So if you are one of these people who recently has been experiencing life difficulties please sit down for a couple of minutes and give it a thought. Are you kind to yourself? Do you take care of the basic needs of your body? Do you sleep 7-8 hours a day? Do you eat 3 nutritional food at least times a day? Are you hydrated? Are you organised or constantly late, forgetting things, stressing? Do you give yourself time to rest? Are you focused on your life or constantly getting involved in other people’s drama? Where does your energy and attention go? If you have a stressful job are you practicing stress relief techniques? Do you like yourself of do you judge yourself? What is your inner dialogue? Kind or hateful?

It is possible to overcome every hardship. But you have to start from a place of self nourishment. A drained, stressed brain will never come up with any satisfying solution. So take a half an hour before you go to bed tonight, make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea and spend some time observing your breath. In silence. In stillness. Just Breath. Clean slate.

Much Love
Monika ❤

Time of Sadness Time of Change

This is a photo I used as my profile picture on Facebook. It’s the only sad photo I have and that’s why I chose it yesterday.  I just thought it was inappropriate to have a smile on my face even a virtual smile on my virtual face on the day when the biggest pedophile ring on Earth was celebrated in Ireland costing us 32 million euro.

“A new grand jury report says that internal documents from six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania show that more than 300 “predator priests” have been credibly accused of sexually abusing more than 1,000 child victims.”

More dirt has been uncovered that proves that Catholic Church has nothing to do with God. Let’s face it. It is the biggest and oldest criminal organisation that should be dissolved and terminated once for all ASAP. They killed, molested and abused children all over the world. 1000 kids molested by 300 predator priests in one state of Pennsylvania!? the youngest girl was 1,5 years old. AN INFANT And it’s not over, I assume more will be discovered. So many crimes were uncovered in Ireland, murders, child abuse and neglect, separating children from mothers, child prostitution and trafficking to US just to mention just a few.  IT IS MASSIVE! But still the government chooses to support this organisation spending 32 million euro for pop’s visit. What amazes me is that people still support this. How??? Why?? Is it a collective hypnosis? We knew some priests were perverts but 300 in one state? This is much worse than anybody could even imagine… How much longer it it going to continue?

This Churche’s official line on defense:
“We have many good priests and those few who rape are bad apples.” No. No no no no no! This time it is 300 predator priests in one state Pennsylvania and probably the number of raped kids that is out, is still far from the truth. It’s safe to say it’s probably more than a 1000. They raped INFANTS!

In Ireland catholic nuns abused, killed and neglected more women and children than any other criminal organisation.  It’s time to say NO. Pope is a head of Catholic Church, The First after God! It’s very convenient to say his hands are tied and that he’s not allowed to change anything? That’s why people supported him! Believed in him, had hope! He was supposed to change and improve this shit!

So maybe it’s time to wake up. It’s not in the past. It is still happening and it is still being covered up. This is a crime against humanity and no matter how many fine clergy there are it still doesn’t make it right. There are many ways to serve humanity and many churches to choose from that don’t have history of abuse, neglect and murders. It’s time to put an end to it and have those people answer for their crimes. Covering up crimes is a crime too, it is obstructing justice. And not reporting crimes is a crime, “accessory to a crime”.  All of those Cardinals and Bishops who made it to Vatican knew what was going on for years. They actively covered it up. They only moved those perverts around from one city to another so they can continue their abuse.

So to sum it up in my personal opinion the only good thing Pope Francis could do at this stage, would be to shut down this whole fake, ritualistic, rotten, corrupted circus, take away all the immunity from molesters, pedophiles, murderers and all the conservative officials who’s been covering this up for years and resign. Have them be prosecuted. This institution is corrupted inside out and should be dismantled, dissipated, DELEGALIZED. Maybe Pope can start from scratch and create something knew and better if he wishes to do so. No man on earth should be above the law. Especially those who are allegedly living by 10 Commandments.


Pain Be Gone 2

Just wanted to share something. For the last few days I have been experiencing a lot of pain around my jaw and teeth… Nothing was helping. I  tried meditation, self healing, essential oils, pain killers, anti inflammatory.. Nothing.  The pain was getting more and more excruciating. Last night I joined a group distant healing offered on FB group SPIRITUAL HEALERS without much hope to be honest. At this stage I was exhausted.. The healing was sent from US at 2 am of my time so I was not even awake for that. But surprisingly enough I woke up feeling much better this morning. I am so used to being a helper, to take care of others, to be always strong, to being a support to other people. And also  I was always used to resolving every problem myself and hardly ever asked for help. Last night I asked for help and people who were complete strangers were so nice, lovely and supportive.. amazing experience.  Sending you all Much Love ❤

Pain Be Gone!

Many people suffer from pain these days. If you are one of those people who has been struggling with chronic pain or post injury pain Quantum Entrainment could be a great complementary therapy for you. Last year I started playing with quantum techniques and the results were most dynamic so far in comparison to other hands on body healing techniques I had practiced in the past. Some of the results were incredible.. Continue reading “Pain Be Gone!”

New Year New You?

It is this time of the year when people start new health regimes and diets, also often try to detox their bodies with special diets or detox products. Please remember that even though something is natural it is not always safe for everyone. If you are dealing with some serious health issues and taking any medication please consult your doctor before you start a new diet, detox program or supplements, make sure there are no interactions between your medication and supplements or products. The fact that something is natural or herbal does not mean it is neutral.
For example soy products and supplements may not me suitable for patients with hypothyroidism, while sea kelp which naturally contains iodine may boost your hormones and can be harmful if your thyroid hormone levels are above the norm already. Also products with Iron should not be taken without checking Iron level in your blood. The body will not get rid of the access iron if you take too much and it may damage your liver. Even if based on symptoms you think you suffer from iron deficiency remember that those symptoms are not specific enough to administrate supplement without the blood test.

Continue reading “New Year New You?”

New Year Greetings

I would like to wish all my friends and clients Happy 2018! Its’ going to be awesome, crazy, scary, weird, wonderful, surprising.. It’s a very powerful time of Global Transformation. Changes and transformations are usually painful, the fastest the change the more painful it is. For the New Better Reality to show up the old has to be deconstructed. We have no time for slow and steady evolution at this time. Continue reading “New Year Greetings”

I love You Body

Hahah… that’s so true.
So guys so many of us does not like our bodies. But did you know that your body has it’s own consciousness? Your body knows ans feels that you don’t like it if you don’t like it… So if you judge your body every day, think poorly about it and give it no love at all whatsoever it will shut down. Think of your body as it was another person. Imagine it is your friend. If you told your friend every day “you’re too fat” or “I don’t like you”, If you looked at your friend with disgust every day – do you think they’d hung out with you for long? I don’t think so.. If you forced your friend to eat the food they hate would they be grateful? If you dressed your friend in polyester uncomfortable clothes would they be happy? That’s what we do to our bodies. So they shut down, get sick, check out… your body will not cooperate with you if you don’t give your body some LOVE In a form of good word, healthy tasty food, plenty of water, some sunshine, comfortable natural clothes, nice bath, massage, aromatherapy etc. Ask your body what it wants! What food it wants to eat, what outfit it wants to wear today.. where does it want to go for a walk… And your intuition will let you know 🙂 Your body has a tough job, it has many tasks to complete every day. GIVE IT A BREAK FROM TIME TO TIME!

Don’t forget about our mantras! But today we’ll add one:


Let me know how you’re doing!!

Being Your True Self

Sometimes It is hard for you to love you. You are so much different than anybody else… All your life you try to fit in and you end up loving yourself less and less. To fit in sometimes you cut off vital parts of yourself. It takes courage, a lot of courage to fully express your true self. But there’s no other way. So let me ask you this: if you were truly being you who would you be? How would you be? Where would you be?.. Check out this video. A true STAR was born. So unique and beautiful.

Don’t forget about our mantras! Say it like you mean it!


Let me know how you’re doing!!

Self Love 1 week challenge


This week was INTENSE. The thing that was coming up mostly in healing sessions was LOVING AND APPRECIATING OURSELVES.. You see if you think poorly about yourself you emanate the frequencies that other people around you pick up and reflect. Same with thinking that you are not good enough, you do not deserve, you are not perfect enough, you are not pretty enough, not slim enough.. All of those thoughts are frequencies that are picked up by others. And then they act accordingly.

So you blame your spouse, your boss or your parents that they do not appreciate you, don’t value you enough, are not supportive enough. But if you do not love, value and appreciate yourself no one will. They pick up on your own judgements and act accordingly. People are way more psychic that you give them credit for!

Lets try this little experiment for 7 days. Each morning write 3 things you like about yourself. Each day they have to be 3 new things!! Then put your hands over your heart, close your eyes and say aloud


Let me know how you’re doing!!

Much Love,

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Being You changing The World

Today guys I would like to introduce a very special book to you. A book that changed everything for me. My perception of reality. Everything I have ever thought about myself, about my childhood.. It is a magical book.. There’s a number of energy clearings embedded in every chapter and by the time I finished the last one I couldn’t believe that I am on the same planet. So much changed for me during this 5-6 weeks when I was listening.. I chose the audio version that is read by the author Dr. Dain Heer himself because for me his voice has a unique healing quality. It is had to explain. Best thing to do is to listen to the Chapter 1 that is available for free on Dr Dain’s website.

A Handbook for Generating Infinite Possibilities and Dynamic Change

“This is a very different book. It is written for the dreamers of this world — the people who KNOW that something different is possible — but who have never had the tools before. What if I told you that the tools exist? The possibilities you’ve always dreamed of are possible! Continue reading “Being You changing The World”