About Me

Since early childhood I have always been extremely intuitive and super sensitive, some would say overly sensitive. As a child I was obsessed with disease. I would steal my mom’s Medical Encyclopedia and read it like a bed time story. Later on I became more curious about Cosmos, Universe and Life in general and my interests shifted. I started studying philosophy at the age of 14, mysticism and healing arts at the age of 23. Since then I have been consciously working on expanding my gifts abilities so I can be a channel for healing energy. in 2013 I came across Access Consciousness and trained as Access Bars practitioner, then AB Facilitator. That’s how my healing practice started.Today I am an unconventional therapist. I love new, alternative approach to healing. I offer deep transformation sessions using my own natural intuitive gifts plus different techniques from my favourite energy transformation systems and modalities. I work in a holistic way, taking care of mental, emotional and spiritual level. I have a great success rate with long term issues like anxiety, depression, fear of change, stubborn limiting patterns and self undoing behaviors . On a deeper level I assist people to heal their soul wounds, connect with their true soul vibration and connect to their soul gifts, break through the limitations and gain self confidence to create life they truly enjoy living.


  • Akashic Records Healer ( AR Advanced Level: Soul Portrait, AR Soul Mastery Level: Soul Clearing)
  • Access Bars Practitioner (Access Consciousness
  • Access Body Process Practitioner
  • Energy Coach (Access Foundation, Level 1)
  • Quantum Healing Practitioner (Miracle matrix Level4)
  • Tameana Healing Practitioner and Teacher
  • Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential oils
  • Aromatouch Technique Practitioner
  • Skin Care specialist (Walmer College)
  • Spiritual Clearing Practitioner (Artuvia.pl)