Intuitive Coaching & Healing

IMG_9092wordpressDuring the introductory session we talk, I ask questions that allow me to have a clear picture of  where you are in your life at the moment, what are your dreams and goals, what would you like to change in your life.

How does the session look like?

The goal is to remove obstacles and get you closer to where you want to be, whatever it takes. I have quite large choice of tools and techniques. Basically it all depends on where your blockages are and  after the introductory session I usually have a rough idea where to start.  I use different modalities depending where your limitations are rooted. They can be rooted in your physical body, emotional body, in your subconscious mind or on a soul level.  Or most probably on many levels. So the session is multilevel and tailored to your needs.

Tolls and techniques I use:

  • Access Bars
  • Access Coaching and energy clearing
  • Access Body Healing
  • Entity Clearing
  • Akashic Records Reading
  • Intuitive Healing


1,5 h sesion 80 euro

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