Share Good News

Some WONDERFUL things are happening every day on our beautiful Planet Earth. Main stream news will probably not include them in their daily news portion since the sole purpose of main stream news it to keep you in the darkness, in fear and anxiety. They want you to you compensate by purchasing more and more. Happy people are not great for today’s economy cause they consume less. So please share every post with good news, practical solution to a problem, give people inspiration and hope. Stay away from thing that scare you, cause feelings of sadness and anxiety. THINK what you REALLY wanna share with your friends. It’s SOCIAL MEDIA and it’s in our hands what we share with others. It’s your choice what you focus on and share with others: a problem or a solution? What will you choose today? PLEASE DO NOT SHARE SCARY, FEAR BASED, TERRYFYING, DEPRESSING CONTENT on your social media platform. Share hope not hopelessness, share joy not sadness. Raise awareness about…SOLUTIONS. Share good news today ❤

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New Year Greetings

I would like to wish all my friends and clients Happy 2018! Its’ going to be awesome, crazy, scary, weird, wonderful, surprising.. It’s a very powerful time of Global Transformation. Changes and transformations are usually painful, the fastest the change the more painful it is. For the New Better Reality to show up the old has to be deconstructed. We have no time for slow and steady evolution at this time. Continue reading “New Year Greetings”

Let there be Light

This year I have a wish that we all tap into our true Soul Power!  Let there be Light!

Nobel Physicist Max Plank once said “When you change the way you look at things,  things you look at change” What if from today we could start to look at our reality in a different way? We focus way too much on WHAT IS.  If we shift our focus to what we want to create – Magic starts happening because wherever attention goes energy flows. And where energy flows is the growth and expansion. Please watch this video, I hope it is going to inspire you for the hole 2017 and beyond. Happy New Year!

Monika Foltman