You Are Enough

There’s no way to satisfy everybody. Especially being a woman, no matter what you do or not do, no matter how you behave – there will always be critics. There will always be various opinions about you. We spend  much time and energy trying to please everybody, our parents, teachers, our partners, bosses, children. We usually feel guilty and ashamed if we cannot be everything people want us to be. As little children we are most true to ourselves, happy, vibrant, curious of the world until someone points out something in us they don’t approve of. Another kid or a disappointed parent. Then we shut down this part of ourselves. Through the course of life we shut down so much that we’ve forgotten who we actually are. We become a byproduct of other people’s expectations and we are still not fully accepted and still not feeling worthy. There’s no way to build your TRUE SELF WORTH based on the opinions of others. Is now the time to finally wake up and start asking yourself for approval? If you practice loving and accepting yourself long enough, if you give most of attention to yourself instead of others for a while, if you allow those who constantly criticize you leave your life at least for a while I PROMISE YOU, all the world around you will transform. You’ll meet new people who will appreciate you.

If you have people in your close circle who like voicing their opinions about everything you do, and it doesn’t necessarily  match your own opinion, try to say this:  “Thank you for your inside. I don’t see myself this way”; “Thank you for your advise,  I’ll think about it” or “Oh, that’s a very interested idea about me, I have a different one though” Say it with a smile, not in a defensive, passive aggressive or a sarcastic way. Just say thank you and leave. There’s no need to defend against opinions of others or to defend your own choices. What people think of you is actually none of your business. They think what they think based on their own points of view and conditioning. Each of us a a small universe that interacts with other small universes, there’s no way we can all agree on everything.

I love You Body

Hahah… that’s so true.
So guys so many of us does not like our bodies. But did you know that your body has it’s own consciousness? Your body knows ans feels that you don’t like it if you don’t like it… So if you judge your body every day, think poorly about it and give it no love at all whatsoever it will shut down. Think of your body as it was another person. Imagine it is your friend. If you told your friend every day “you’re too fat” or “I don’t like you”, If you looked at your friend with disgust every day – do you think they’d hung out with you for long? I don’t think so.. If you forced your friend to eat the food they hate would they be grateful? If you dressed your friend in polyester uncomfortable clothes would they be happy? That’s what we do to our bodies. So they shut down, get sick, check out… your body will not cooperate with you if you don’t give your body some LOVE In a form of good word, healthy tasty food, plenty of water, some sunshine, comfortable natural clothes, nice bath, massage, aromatherapy etc. Ask your body what it wants! What food it wants to eat, what outfit it wants to wear today.. where does it want to go for a walk… And your intuition will let you know 🙂 Your body has a tough job, it has many tasks to complete every day. GIVE IT A BREAK FROM TIME TO TIME!

Don’t forget about our mantras! But today we’ll add one:


Let me know how you’re doing!!

Magic of a Big Dream

Hi Guys,

Did you notice that when you come up with some brilliant idea that is BIG  and very often complex you immediately go to the question “But how am I going to create this?” That’s how we were taught.  That’s how we were trained. First clarify WHAT is that you want to create and then sit down and break it to smaller steps, plan HOW you are going to actualize it and then start taking action. Step after step until you create this. See the thing is the more creative you are, the more expanded the consciousness of yours is – the more GRANDIOSE those ideas are. If you are a visionary you can see it, feel it, almost touch it like you were there, like it already happened. And when you see and feel and smell almost touch your manifested idea you can tap into the vibration of it and you get excited! Really start desiring this… And then you go into HOW. And HOW creates stress and overwhelm. Little by little it starts killing your BIG DREAM. When you realize how much would have to go to actually create it you start feeling anxious and uncomfortable. And more often than not you give it up. You com up with many very rational and o so logical reasons why it would never work. Continue reading “Magic of a Big Dream”

I Dusted off my camera today..

Hi Guys,

The Spring is finally here.. Actually today it felt like Summer. Great energy! I spent a wonderful afternoon with my friend Carina of Cherie Styling Studio, her daughter Ally and their adorable pets. Ally was one of my first models and I was her first photographer and coach. Now she is modelling professionally, she is also studying communication and recently started learning filming and photography. Many of the girls I worked with when they were still teenagers are now stepping into adult life and looks like some of them decided to get on the other side of the camera, others are starting their careers as make up artists and stylists. It makes me feel really proud…



Super Moon Super Powers

The energy is mind blowing today. Everything you focus on is energized by this amazing Super Moon. So FOCUS! Please do focus on what you want, what you wish for, what you desire, what you would like to create!  Where attention goes energy flows. And from today till the end of November you can focus, energize, create, realize, magically conjure your hearts desires. So what is it?.. Do you know what you are wanting?

Not so clear yet? So take a deep breath… breath in.. breath out… If you had one hundred million dollars today what would your life be like? If there were no limitations. If you did not care what other people think of you.. What would your life be like? Where would you live? Who would you live with? Who would you like to work with? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE WORLD? Just imagine.. What would make you feel good, peaceful, joyful?

And now – is there anything there in your grandiose vision of yours you could initiate TODAY? Without this 100 million dollars?

You have a super power within you. If you would like to start uncovering it feel free to contact me. Personal Power session is available now on Skype or at Holistica
 Investment:  €100

This session will help you with your personal development no matter where you are on your path. If you never experienced any type of energy healing or clearing there is a free 30 min introductory session available in person or on Skype. To book  call me at 085 1656279 or email me at

Much Love to you

Monika Foltman



Year Ahead Programme

Hi Guys, from now till the end of February I am offering special “Year ahead” programme. It will include:

-30 min introductory session in person or on Skype
– basic Astrology report for your Sun sign, Ascendant and the Moon sign
-Soul Portrait
-Soul condition
-Soul clearing
-basic Numerology year ahead report
-1h coaching/planning session based on the received information
– 1h Access Bars session (clearing Implants)
– MP£ materials suitable for your needs.

For those who book this programme I will have a special offer for the follow up sessions for the whole year and a free ticket for my Energy Transformation workshop (Date and place TBA)

Investment: €180
To book your introductory session please call me at 0851656279 or email me at

“Monika is very talented,thoughtful and brilliant at what she does. An Access Bars session along with Energy Healing and I am now on the right Path. Take Time out for yourself and you will not regret it. Cannot wait for another treatment!- Perhaps the facelift facial next! Because I am worth it!
Helen Creegan Walsh