I Dusted off my camera today..

Hi Guys,

The Spring is finally here.. Actually today it felt like Summer. Great energy! I spent a wonderful afternoon with my friend Carina of Cherie Styling Studio, her daughter Ally and their adorable pets. Ally was one of my first models and I was her first photographer and coach. Now she is modelling professionally, she is also studying communication and recently started learning filming and photography. Many of the girls I worked with when they were still teenagers are now stepping into adult life and looks like some of them decided to get on the other side of the camera, others are starting their careers as make up artists and stylists. It makes me feel really proud…



Soul portraits


After 2 years of my photography adventure – would like to write the word “mastered” by I’d rather say…I can manage the technology to be able to capture what I see.. And what I see in people is not what someone else would see. We are all so different and unique. At the beginning we have to learn and the best way to learn is to imitate others. After we can figure out how they did what they did and imitate it – we learn the next skill and the next and the next. But one day it’s the time to take off the training wheels and be you.. Continue reading “Soul portraits”