“I had a great treatment from Monika with all natural and home made products and I felt so well from the moment I came in to see her. I can’t wait to go back again! Thank you so much Monika!”
Pauline Daspre

I had a lovely morning at Holistica, Monika is a fantastic therapist, if you want to bring wellness to your life look no further.
Veronica Healy

“Monika is very talented,thoughtful and brilliant at what she does. An Access Bars session along with Energy Healing and I am now on the right Path. Take Time out for yourself and you will not regret it. Cannot wait for another treatment!- Perhaps the facelift facial next! Because I am worth it!
Helen Creegan Walsh

“I opted for the 90 minute Cleopatra secret. Truly amazing experience not only for my skin which feels so soft but my energy levels are also boosted since the session Thank you Monika”
Anna Dougan

“Thanks a million Monika for a Magical Bars treatment and a new ideas as well”
Kinga Bratko, The owner of Angels Wings Beauty Salon

“Got a fab treatment from Monika today. Feel absolutely amazing afterward, thanks again Monika :)”
Mags Folley, the owner at MFoley Art

“Thanks so much Monika for the 90 min treatment yesterday. I feel like new today . Elaine loved it too. Definitely you will see us back. Xxxx”
Anina Marsella, the owner at Casa Anina

“I went for an Access Bars session with Monika, but I got so much more. I had been feeling a bit lost about where I was going and she reinvigorated my passion and enthusiasm for my journey, and gave me some really practical tips and information about where to look next. I came away feeling calmer and much more empowered. She has a deep knowledge of Access Consciousness, which is a fantastic tool for growth. I found her to be professional, caring and empathetic, and I recommend her highly her.”
Two weeks later:
“I bought Dain Heer’s book and I really like it. I was thinking about going to see him but thought it was a bit expensive, so I said the clearing statement on anything that was stopping me going. 2 days later a cheque for exactly €300 arrived in the post out of the blue!!! So I booked and am going”
Georgina Kearney EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

“This îs fantastic! I felt like new again after access bars session with Monika Foltman, felt so positive and balanced since!
Louise Kaiser
Event manager and journalist

“I highly recommend Access Bars Session with Monika, only after one therapy something change in my Energy…I become more open for the Money flow …my old blockages just went somehow away… ” “Mialam okazje spotkac sie z Monika podczas sesji fotograficznej, ktora całkowicie zaaranżowala, począwszy od makijażu, stroju i całego scenariusza. Efektem byly świetne zdjecia i super spędzony czas! Monika jest świetnym fachowcem nie tylko od zdjęć ale ma rownież niesamowite podejście do ludzi, potrafi wydobyć z nich to co najlepsze i wyeksponowac to co najcenniejsze. To znawczyni duszy, dokładnie wie czego mozesz potrzebować. Jej wiedza jest bardzo obszerna począwszy od techniki do ezoteryki, perfekcjonistka w kazdym calu. Nie spocznie dopoki efekt końcowy nie bedzie efektem WOW. Nasza współpraca przerodziła sie w przyjazn a porady Moniki są czasem naprawde bezcenne. Serdecznie polecam!”
Agnes Janowska
Holistic coach and Reiki Master

“Just after a fantastic session with amazing and multi talented Monika Foltman! Everyone should treat themselves to this experience, the feeling is very freeing! Thank you so much, you are blessed xx”
Edina Valentova
Photographer and Creative Manager


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