Pain Be Gone!

Many people suffer from pain these days. If you are one of those people who has been struggling with chronic pain or post injury pain Quantum Entrainment could be a great complementary therapy for you. Last year I started playing with quantum techniques and the results were most dynamic so far in comparison to other hands on body healing techniques I had practiced in the past. Some of the results were incredible..
I had a client who had pain in her shoulder for 5 months after the car accident and after 8 physiotherapy sessions it was not going anywhere! After quantum touch process that lasted maybe 3 min the pain was gone. For good. Another client who had suffered with digestive problems for 20 years after 30 min session went home and the next day woke up with the idea in her head. She dreamed her diagnose no doctor ever came up with, even though this was so obvious. But the energy blockage was there and it clouded everyone’s perception so she could not have been accurately diagnosed before. When it was removed the solution came forward from the subconscious mind and showed up in her dream. The healing did not remove the problem but after a short 2 weeks of taking medication it was gone for good.

Healing works in many mysterious ways… it is not always what we expect. And people who best respond to energy healing are usually those who don’t have any particular projections,expectations and preconceived ideas about HOW the healing is going to show up.
We are Body, Mind and Spirit. When all three are brought into alignment miracles happen…

Quantum Entrainment is a very dynamic,completely natural healing technique. During the session a practitioner creates a quantum field of Pure Consciousness and immerses clients body and energy field in the field. That provides deep relaxation, allows immediate healing and harmony of the body, mind and spirit.

Quantum Entrainment 30 min – €40

to book call 085 1656279

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