New Year Greetings

I would like to wish all my friends and clients Happy 2018! Its’ going to be awesome, crazy, scary, weird, wonderful, surprising.. It’s a very powerful time of Global Transformation. Changes and transformations are usually painful, the fastest the change the more painful it is. For the New Better Reality to show up the old has to be deconstructed. We have no time for slow and steady evolution at this time.

Most of people on our Beloved Planet has powerful dreams and desires of a Better World Now. Not in 200 years. So the world is changing fast, in a revolutionary way. This Global Transformation It will be reflected on a personal level Big Time this year since we all contribute to the Collective Consciousness. So be ready and remember that I am here to support you. 

Last night I have been working a little bit on my own personal “plan” or intention for 2018. I started with listing everything I already have, have achieved, my gifts, talents, skills and qualifications. I’ve been meditating on it for a while asking myself how I can utilize all of this in coming year to create happiness and wealth for myself and support my loved ones and my clients in the best and most efficient way possible. Then this morning I woke up with a feeling of purpose and clarity I haven’t experienced for the last few months. So then I went to creating the list of my intentions, desires and plans for 2018. Try it! Its’ amazing how it may completely change your New Years Resolutions list… Much Love to you all 


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