Love Your Body

Human body is amazing! So potent … if you only give it a chance. Life is a journey of the body. Your body is born, it grows, it blooms, it matures, it ages and it dies. You – the consciousness are in a way a spirit guide to your body! So why not tune in, listen to it, respect it.. What if your body is way more capable than you give it credit for!! 🙂 Love Your Body!

I love You Body

Hahah… that’s so true.
So guys so many of us does not like our bodies. But did you know that your body has it’s own consciousness? Your body knows ans feels that you don’t like it if you don’t like it… So if you judge your body every day, think poorly about it and give it no love at all whatsoever it will shut down. Think of your body as it was another person. Imagine it is your friend. If you told your friend every day “you’re too fat” or “I don’t like you”, If you looked at your friend with disgust every day – do you think they’d hung out with you for long? I don’t think so.. If you forced your friend to eat the food they hate would they be grateful? If you dressed your friend in polyester uncomfortable clothes would they be happy? That’s what we do to our bodies. So they shut down, get sick, check out… your body will not cooperate with you if you don’t give your body some LOVE In a form of good word, healthy tasty food, plenty of water, some sunshine, comfortable natural clothes, nice bath, massage, aromatherapy etc. Ask your body what it wants! What food it wants to eat, what outfit it wants to wear today.. where does it want to go for a walk… And your intuition will let you know 🙂 Your body has a tough job, it has many tasks to complete every day. GIVE IT A BREAK FROM TIME TO TIME!

Don’t forget about our mantras! But today we’ll add one:


Let me know how you’re doing!!

Being You changing The World

Today guys I would like to introduce a very special book to you. A book that changed everything for me. My perception of reality. Everything I have ever thought about myself, about my childhood.. It is a magical book.. There’s a number of energy clearings embedded in every chapter and by the time I finished the last one I couldn’t believe that I am on the same planet. So much changed for me during this 5-6 weeks when I was listening.. I chose the audio version that is read by the author Dr. Dain Heer himself because for me his voice has a unique healing quality. It is had to explain. Best thing to do is to listen to the Chapter 1 that is available for free on Dr Dain’s website.

A Handbook for Generating Infinite Possibilities and Dynamic Change

“This is a very different book. It is written for the dreamers of this world — the people who KNOW that something different is possible — but who have never had the tools before. What if I told you that the tools exist? The possibilities you’ve always dreamed of are possible! Continue reading “Being You changing The World”

Money isn’t a problem..

Hi Guys,

Today I would like to share a very interesting video with you. It is a teleconference with Gary Douglas, founder od Access Consciousness system and the author of many fantastic life changing books. Gary loves a topic of money because money is one of the biggest blocks holding us back. A majority of people in Western culture has limiting beliefs around money, a lot of fear and anxiety around this topic. Many people especially after recent recession created a lot of debt and are experiencing a lot of struggle in the area of money and wealth. People who have money also experience a lot of fear and anxiety. They maybe be afraid to lose money or not to be able manage or invest properly in this unpredictable reality.

It is a topic that is vastly talked about in many self improvement workshops, books, seminars. If you ever had this idea to improve your relationship with money  probably you have already read a few of those books or listened to a few audios. Maybe attended a workshop or two. Maybe you are fed up with the topic all together… I must say I was definitely fed up and annoyed at this stage cause most of the books and seminars address same issues and offer similar tools and techniques that do not work 90% of the time. But this one is quite different! That’s why today I am sharing this video with you. Also I attach links to Gary’s book and audio “Many Isn’t a problem. You Are”

I prefer Audiobook myself, it contains some energy clearings that work much better when you listen to them than when you only read. But it’s good to have a book as well because you can carry it around and read passages from time to time to remind yourself certain tools and techniques. It’s not so expensive so treat yourself and get both! 🙂 Access Consciousness changed my life and even though I studied many other modalities, philosophies and techniques since I always come back to Access Consciousness if I need to create a quick and dynamic change in my life because those tools are fun, easy and they work!

MP3 Audio Book Book:

The Access Bars

The most popular therapy in 2014 and 2015!! To book call me at 085 1656 6279
My clients call it an Energetic Brain Massage or Energetic Make-over! It’s a dynamic body process that works instantly, allowing you to release everything that no longer serves you and change just anything.. What if your life could be more that you’ve ever imagined?.. What if you could have more of YOU?… 
Continue reading “The Access Bars”

Year Ahead Programme

Hi Guys, from now till the end of February I am offering special “Year ahead” programme. It will include:

-30 min introductory session in person or on Skype
– basic Astrology report for your Sun sign, Ascendant and the Moon sign
-Soul Portrait
-Soul condition
-Soul clearing
-basic Numerology year ahead report
-1h coaching/planning session based on the received information
– 1h Access Bars session (clearing Implants)
– MP£ materials suitable for your needs.

For those who book this programme I will have a special offer for the follow up sessions for the whole year and a free ticket for my Energy Transformation workshop (Date and place TBA)

Investment: €180
To book your introductory session please call me at 0851656279 or email me at

“Monika is very talented,thoughtful and brilliant at what she does. An Access Bars session along with Energy Healing and I am now on the right Path. Take Time out for yourself and you will not regret it. Cannot wait for another treatment!- Perhaps the facelift facial next! Because I am worth it!
Helen Creegan Walsh

Are you ready for change? 5 steps to change anything

I felt so energised this morning! I watched this video last night and I realised how true it is.. My life changed a lot for last few years, it actually started 2 years after I came to Ireland in 2007. I was so bored with my one neuron job, so angry and frustrated  – that I finally made a demand for the change to show up! And I started taking action. Continue reading “Are you ready for change? 5 steps to change anything”

5 Days That Will Change Your Life!


Are you ready to step up?

Enter a complete new level? Expand your consciousness further than you thought was even possible?? Create new possibilities that never even existed until now? It starts this Friday! 5 days that will shake your world, change your life, transform your reality! What if all you dreamed of and hoped was possible – now actually IS? 5 unforgettable days with Anne Clarke! Access Bars on Friday, Access Foundation on Saturday and Sunday and Access Level 1 on Monday and Tuesday! Is now the time? Continue reading “5 Days That Will Change Your Life!”

Ignorance Is Bliss?

apple2aDo you know this saying that “ignorance is bliss”? It is used in many different ways, often with irony..  What I want you to realise is that sometimes what we KNOW or what we think we know is the biggest limitation we have.  Look at what you know about yourself: you know – or think you know what talents you have what you are capable of, and you are even more aware of what you CANNOT do and what you have no talent for. As a result of this we skip or reject a lot before we even try But recently we entered a new era, many people activated their 5th dimensional aspects so we have access to more inner wisdom, to more information and we learn in a different way than before. Continue reading “Ignorance Is Bliss?”